Richée Professional Progressive Bioplastic + Wire Fainting

Richée Professional Progressive Bioplastic + Wire Fainting

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Richée Professional Bioplastic reduces the volume of unruly and unruly wires. Its formula enriched with highly nutritious ingredients will leave your hair with smooth effect and renewed structure. Richée Professional Bioplastic replenishes moisture in the hair fiber, essential for the health and movement of your hair. While Richée Professional Bioplastic's formulation acts in shape and texture with the volume reduction system, nourishing agents restore the vitality and strength of the hair. After using Richée Professional Bioplastic, your hair will be renewed with a natural and much healthier smooth effect. Richée Professional Nanobtx Repair Wire Faint Ultra-reducing mask for all hair types. It has anti-frizz action, as it acts by softening the hair, leaving them super silky, soft and with a mirror shine.



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